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Commercial Auto Insurance

Some businesses use vehicles to conduct daily business operations. For these businesses, it makes sense to invest in commercial auto insurance.

Commercial auto insurance is for any vehicle used to conduct business, be it a truck, van or car. Some states make it mandatory for any business, large or small, to have commercial auto insurance if they operate vehicles. Coverage is beneficial because it protects the business owner, the business and the employees who drive the vehicles. Traditional auto insurance is not recommended for a business. Commercial policies are different, as they cover several vehicles and offer coverage for incidents specific to a business vehicle.

Commercial auto coverage is recommended for any business that uses vehicles for business operations. Commercial coverage offers protection above and beyond a basic auto insurance policy. It is possible to get a traditional auto insurance policy for business vehicles, but you will receive less-favorable coverage.

It’s easy to tell if your business needs a commercial auto policy. If your business uses vehicles to transport products as a service or if employees drive the vehicles for work purposes, then you fit the criteria for commercial insurance. It’s also good to have if the vehicles carry expensive cargo or the business requires high liability limits.

Commercial auto insurance is a form of protection for business-related vehicles and employees. The owner receives financial compensation to help pay for vehicles damaged in accidents, and financial protection if an on-duty driver is sued due to an auto-related accident.

Types of coverage include:

• Combined single limit
• Comprehensive/physical damage
• Medical Expenses
• Bodily injury liability
• Property damage liability
• Collision
• Uninsured motorist coverage
• Personal injury or no-fault insurance

Sometimes this type of insurance is called truck insurance, commercial car insurance or fleet insurance. Make sure you’re getting the right type of policy. This type of policy is important because of the financial protection. Without it, your business could go bankrupt if an accident or lawsuit should occur.

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